Where has the time gone?

Disclaimer: non-running post Wow! It is now August 31st, 2020. Where has the time gone? The month, the year, the decade, the last quarter century? At the end of the month I try to reflect on what happened during the past month, and what my plans and goals are for the next month. As thisContinue reading “Where has the time gone?”

February Recap

Although February is the shortest month of the year I still managed to record my highest mileage and elevation totals so far! 178 miles and over 20,000 ft. of elevation, even with 9 days of no running!! This was a great month with some awesome races! My favorite, most challenging, unique, and most elevation gainContinue reading “February Recap”

#100racesin2020 – Race #7

A local 10k! My seventh race of the year was my third 10k of 2020, and the first one that I didn’t have to drive an hour to get to! This is an annual event that is hosted by our local running club, the Lehigh Valley Road Runners (LVRR). I have done this race twiceContinue reading “#100racesin2020 – Race #7”

#100racesin2020 – Race #6

My first race in New Jersey! My sixth race of the year was my first Since I had not run this race before I did my usual research and checked out past results and some Strava data. It looked like a fairly fast course (for a trail run), but still with some challenging sections. IContinue reading “#100racesin2020 – Race #6”

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