Where has the time gone?

Disclaimer: non-running post

Wow! It is now August 31st, 2020. Where has the time gone? The month, the year, the decade, the last quarter century?

At the end of the month I try to reflect on what happened during the past month, and what my plans and goals are for the next month. As this month comes to a close I find myself reflecting on much more than the past 31 days. I think it’s safe to say this year has been crazy for all of us. This is 2020; This was supposed to be our year to crush our goals and make our dreams come true!! Well apparently that crazy bitch ‘Rona found out, got jealous, and decided to fuck shit up for all of us! Like who wrote this script? This is worse than Sharknado. (Guess I shouldn’t say that…because well it’s still 2020 so don’t rule anything out). Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and make different (i.e. better) choices in my earlier life. I also wonder how far back in time others would go, if they could. I think given the way this year has been most of us would go back to at least 2019 (or maybe ahead to whenever all of this is behind us).

For me personally, with everything that is going on in my life now and what has happened up to this point, sometimes I think I would probably go back to high school. I’d be more social and outgoing, and be more focused on my school work, so that I could have a more “normal” life. One that didn’t have so many hardships, one where I didn’t sacrifice my dreams and aspirations by settling for mediocrity and complacency.

But then I remember two of my core beliefs:
Everything happens for a reason, whether we realize it at the time or not; and If you believe then good things will happen.
Of course sometimes the reason things happen is because you royally fuck-up and make a huge mistake (or 10, lol). And the key component to believing good things will happen, is actually doing everything you possibly can to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

So as I continued to deeply reflect on my life to this point, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I also came to the realization that I have 2 choices. I can continue to relive my regrets and stay on this unfulfilling “default lifestyle” path of complacency, where the only thing that grows is resentment and anguish. Or, I can stop and accept where I’m at right now and appreciate the lessons I have learned on the path so far; but then venture out into the unknown and blaze my own trail. I’ve decided it’s time to choose the latter.

I don’t know what the future holds, I don’t know how the next chapter ends; but I’m ready to start writing a new one now! This past year has been one of the most challenging years for many people, and there are still many challenges ahead; but we will rise and conquer them, that’s what we do!!

Also, this song started playing (perhaps coincidentally) as I was writing this post, so I figured I would share the link and a couple lyrics here:
I’ve lost a lot, and learned a lot
Time is money
Only difference is I own it…let’s stop time and enjoy this moment

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