#100racesin2020 – Race #3

Pagoda Pacers
Shiver by the River 10k
Sunday 1/12/20

Jim Dietrich Park, Reading, PA

My second 10k race of the year

My third race of the year was my second 10k of 2020, and my 12th 10k so far.
Having run this race last month I knew what to expect for this one. And since I just ran a 10k the day before and tied my PR of 45:08 that I had here last month, I wasn’t aiming to push too hard for this one. I still had 3 basic goals though:
-Finish between 45:00 and 46:00
-Finish in the top 25
-Top Clydesdale

The week leading up to the race…
Since this was a double race weekend check out my post for race #2 for the full week details. but here’s a summary of the day before:

Saturday- 7:28 sleep, 8.63 total miles, 2824 calories (588 under)

Looking back I probably could have used some additional caloric fuel heading into this one.

I prepped my gear the night before, as usual. The forecast again called for temps in the 60s, so it would be another welcomed January race in shorts and short sleeves. Decided to just using some basic gear for this one: navy blue Primark running shorts, orange Reebok tech tee, R-Gear Super Breathable Medium Cushion Low Cut Socks, Reebok Floatride RS shoes, and of course my Optishokz, and Garmin Forerunner 235. (I also used the same warm-up gear as yesterday).

Again, not a lot of nutrition/hydration needs for this one. I ate an Almond Cacao Hammer Vegan Protein Bar (not thrilled with the taste and texture of this one) and drank about 6 oz of water on the way there. In the hour between the time I got there and the time the race started I drank about 2 more oz of water and about 6 oz of Accelerade.

I did my pre-race stretches and then ran a 1.25 mile warm-up with some strides at the end. Ditched the warm-up gear, headed to the start area, and stayed loose.

There is both a 5k and 10k distances at this event, so participants have the option to do 1 or 2 loops, and everyone starts at the same place and time. There are a lot of high school runners at this event so it was rather crowded at the front, altogether there were about 400 participants. This event is timed by Pretzel City Sports, so Ron Horn gave his humorous pre-race announcements and then the race started promptly at 10:00.

There was a bit of nudging and bumping taking place in the first tenth of a mile or so, until we got past the first turn. I felt like I started at my typical 5k/10k pace but I did have a slight bit of tightness in my upper left leg. This course starts out with a slight uphill to head out of the park and then makes its way through a residential neighborhood. The sun felt quite warm for January, especially on the short climbs along the course, but it wasn’t too bad. I was surprised when I looked at my Garmin at the 1 mile mark and saw 6:42! I’m usually right around 7:00. I continued along the way and got passed by a few people and was able to pass a few other people also, overall I was still feeling okay. The wind gusts were strong at times, so I did have to work a little harder. My pace fell to 7:11 for mile 2, but I continued on and just ran my race.

As I got closer to returning the park I was looking forward to picking up some time on the downhill before going back out on the 2nd loop. Well that didn’t happen because there was a crazy amount of head/crosswind at that section. According to my Strava stats I got my 2nd fastest 5k time- 22:22 (but I’ve actually run 6 faster). Since I was feeling a little warm I decided to grab a cup of water at the stop just past the start of the 2nd loop. I made the climb back up the road out of the park and into the neighborhood again. Mile 4 was my fastest during the 2nd loop, at 7:37. I slowed down a bit more after that and then right near the mile 5 mark my right shoe had come untied. How does that happen when they were double-knotted? I got passed while I was retying it and then I tried to catch back up but didn’t quite make it.

My official time was 46:22. I finished 20th overall and was 1st in the Clydesdale division.

After I crossed the finish line I ran a mile around the park for my cool down. I then checked out the refreshment options that were setup in the clubhouse which was closer to the river. There was a decent spread available including bagels, cookies, candy, twizzlers, and cups of chicken noodle soup. I just opted for the soup, and it was excellent! No awards for this race, but they will have awards for the series after the last race in March.

I went to the car, drank my Endurox R4 recovery drink, and then got back on the road and headed home.

Overall this is a nice race. It’s fun that you can try to improve your time from one month to the next, and it’s nice to see some familiar faces. It would be even better if the course was actually by the river though. I’m guessing it may have been at some point since this is the 30th year for the series, and the development the course now runs through seems to only be a few years old.

Previous five 10k races:
1/11/20- Scranton Running Co. Shiver by the River 10k- 45:08
12/8/19- Pagoda Pacers Shiver by the River 10k- 45:08
11/2/19- Pretzel City Sports Ghouls and Fools 10k Night Trail Run- 1:07:48
10/19/19- Runners World Grand Slam 10k- 47:30
9/2/19- Saucon Rail Trail 10k- 50:47

Race Review
Ratings based on the following scale:
1- Minimal
2- Below Average
3- Average
4- Above Average
5- Excellent

Course- some small hills on a 5k loop on paved roads through a suburban neighborhood
Scenery: 2
Difficulty: 3
Course Markings: 5
Volunteers/Marshals: 5
Aid stations: 3
(1 water stop just past the start of the 2nd loop)

Organization: 5
Post race food: 4 (cookies, candy, bagels, chicken noodle soup)
Comradarie/Community: 4
Parking: 5
Pre-race communications: 5
Results: 5 (instant on-site results board)
Location: 3
Start time: 5
Awards timing: N/A

Shirt: 3 (long sleeve cotton tee)
Finisher Medal: N/A
Awards: N/A (no individual race awards, but there will be awards at the end of the series)

3 races down, 97 to go!
Next race: Saturday 1/18; Trail Dawgs Phunt 50k, Elkton, MD

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